Jump Start the Day with a Good Morning Routine and Fight the Coronavirus Sluggishness and Blues.

During the last two weeks of isolation, we have all been exposed to some of the benefits of a meditation retreat: we are restricted in what we can do, and we are eating (or stashing away)a lot of beans. We are finding open, uncharted spaces inside to “just be.” But we may also feel sluggish and unmotivated. And let’s admit it, it’s unnerving. If you have small children to homeschool and are working from home, you may have another set of problems. You may be busier than ever, solving old and new…




Mental Health coping strategies for dealing and coping with the Coronavirus pandemic. Feelings of isolation, confusion, fear, and grief may come up. Let’s find ways to manage our lives and find meaning in the midst of chaos. Let’s prepare for reconstruction and repair.

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Leide Porcu

Leide Porcu

Psychotherapist and anthropologist. I integrate #psychoanalysis, #CBT, and #mindfulness. I speak #Italian, Spanish and French. www.leideporcu.com

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