COVID19, Uncertainty, Prescriptions, & Social Proof

Synthesizing my view on the ideas of Naval Ravikant, Kapil Gupta, & Team Robert Cialdini regarding COVID19

This is an excerpt from Marc Weinstein’s weekly newsletter, Look Up!, which addresses modern philosophy, consciousness, economics, and entrepreneurship.

Marc Weinstein is host of the Look Up! Podcast. He is an active writer, angel investor, entrepreneur, start-up advisor, and certified yoga instructor. Marc is a regular speaker at corporate

Hosted by Marc Weinstein, the Look Up! Podcast explores a number of important cultural issues of our time. Including our technology addiction, digital wellness, mental health, prison reform, the opioid crisis and more.

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Marc Weinstein

Marc Weinstein

Host of Look Up! Podcast, Angel Investor, Startup Advisor, & Yoga Instructor. I’m happiest when learning.

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