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Mel Campbell
Jan 13, 2018 · 2 min read

The Look is a place for smart, curious reviews and essays on film, TV, clothes and history. It’s one critic’s way of seeing culture.

And it’s guided completely by what I like to look at. New films and TV shows — and older ones. Costume design and exhibitions. Book-to-screen adaptations. Period dramas, historical and technological fantasies, and the perennial seductions of retro and nostalgia.

And it takes a closer look at the politics of the gaze — who does the looking, who gets looked at, and what it all means.

Who am I? A clever girl. I’ve been fascinated by looks throughout my career as a journalist, researcher, teacher and critic. I wrote about fashion, history and pop culture in my 2013 nonfiction book Out of Shape: Debunking Myths about Fashion and Fit. I’ve embarked on excursions onto the street and into the past for my style blog Footpath Zeitgeist.

As a freelance writer I’ve analysed and reviewed screen culture and cultural history for Junkee, Crikey, Metro, i-D, The Guardian, The Age and many more publications. And I talk about film and TV every two weeks as co-host of The Rereaders literary and culture podcast.

At their best, media mastheads are the banners we rally under. And The Look is buoyed by a community of people who see the world in the same way I do. Come and join us at Patreon.

The Look

One critic’s gaze at film, TV, clothes and history

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