About Face: Colourpop No Filter Concealer

I’ve spent my whole life (or at least, what feels like my whole life) looking for an actual full-coverage concealer that doesn’t cost a trillion dollars. Enter Colourpop with its No Filter Concealer, the brand’s first foray into complexion products after making its name on eyeshadows, lip products, and of course, highlighters. Before I jump into things, I’ll say that at $6 it’s worth a try for any and everyone, especially if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to whatever concealer you’re using right now.

No Filter Concealer (currently out of stock, as is Colourpop’s custom) is promised to be matte, full-coverage, blendable, buildable and creaseproof. For the most part, it definitely comes through on these vows, though it does crease, albeit in the places you’d expect a concealer to. For me, it’s just around my mouth (I apply Rich Tan there to cancel out hyperpigmentation), but I don’t have any trouble elsewhere, and this creasing has been known to be solved by more strategic application and my Laura Mercier setting powder.

Otherwise this concealer is totally smooth, doesn’t budge and does, in fact, cover everything. On days when I don’t feel like doing a full face of makeup, this concealer on trouble spots works just as well. If you don’t mind using a huge chunk of the tube’s contents at a single time, this could probably double as a foundation if you find your shade. Colourpop has a pretty large range, much larger than other brands around its price point, but there’s always room for improvement and hopefully the brand will do that sooner rather than later (and hopefully also realize how annoying it is for their products to go out of stock so regularly).

With the shades I use, Deep Golden 60 and Rich Tan 65, I’m pretty set, but I’m going to try Deep 70 to see what I get with that. I have warm undertones and Rich Tan helps cancel out scarring and like I mentioned earlier, hyperpigmentation. I use Deep Golden exclusively around my eyes to lighten dark circles and as an eyeshadow base when I need one. Very occasionally, I’ll use it as a highlight, but I get lazy about this. The concealers blend well, but Rich Tan is so orange you risk giving yourself a lingering orange tint if you over apply, but Deep Golden is subtle enough to do its job without making me look too aglow. The best part, besides the actual functional product, is the applicator. Its soft and flexible and weirdly fun to use.

And with concealers being such a hit or miss for me, I’ve added these to my makeup collection and recently restocked them. With Colourpop it’s best to snag them as soon as you can because you never know when they’ll be back and as with foundation, I don’t like being kept waiting. But if you’re looking to try, they’ll be back in stock this Friday at 10 AM PST and probably gone by Saturday.