Action Learning Projects: Products of JCCI’s Breakthrough Development Program

Written by Arriz Panopio

When I started my journey as a recruitment consultant in JCCI-EDI, I was told about the training programs the company offers to help its employees discover and develop skills necessary for professional advancement. Fortunately, I had been given a chance to take the very first step towards that advancement through the Breakthrough Development Program (BDP). This program focuses on developing key competencies necessary for career progress. To facilitate the BDP, John Clements utilizes Harvard Business Publishing modules, classroom discussions, coaching sessions, group brainstorming, case studies, and Action Learning Projects (ALP).

BDP’s Batch 5 was launched in early 2017. Under the tutelage of experts who have shared their valuable time and knowledge, we were in for a thrilling experience. More than the online modules and case studies, the most-awaited part of the BDP was the presentation of each group’s Action Learning Project. ALP was not just a critical output required towards the end of the program, but was also an opportunity for us to demonstrate our idea integration, teamwork, collaboration, and eloquent presentation of solutions or suggestions for JCCI and its employees. From conceptualization to presentation, we were able to showcase our talents and ideas. To be honest, the presentation can be likened to a thesis defense in college.

Towards the end of March 2017, all of our groups were able to present our ALPs to our very own CEO, Carol Dominguez, along with Alina Manaig of Professional Staffers and Nidhi Bose of Executive Search and Selection Division. Together, they all listened to ideas of each group, asked questions with regard to execution, and gave feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

In brief, below are the Action Learning Projects presented by each group.

Group 1: Sports Engagement

Group 1: Julius Narbonita, Haimah Garrido, Joy Garcia, and Radka Okruhlanska

The Sports Engagement project will focus on organizing and holding sport-related activities and events. This will promote a healthy lifestyle, work-life integration, and a fun-filled environment, which would give the employees an opportunity to bond, and hopefully, join tournaments hosted by other companies.

Group 2: JCPool

Group 2: Nina Buncayo, Jeo Verzosa, Arriz Panopio, and Angela Bartolome

JCPool will cater to employees who experience difficulty in commuting to work due to proximity, travel time, and other stressful or unsafe encounters. This project will promote convenience, productivity, security, and higher retention rate.

Group 3: Standard Uniform

Group 3: Shane Solomon, Janine Concepcion, Allan James Ojales, and Arnulfo Soller

The Standard Uniform project aims to signify unity among JC employees and represent the trademark of the company. This will strengthen the commonality among employees, as well as the JCCI-EDI brand.

Group 4: File Management System

Group 4: Joanna Balaysoche, Elmer Bantasan, Arnie Dacillo, and Jhonson Tabucol

The File Management System is a software that will manage data in a computer system such as 201 files and other files for OFWs. This will help employees access files for updating, editing, and other necessary purposes.

Group 5: Onboarding Restructured

Group 5: Jojo Gumino and Chesca Dela Cruz

The Onboarding Restructured project will focus on — as the name implies — restructuring the onboarding process of JCCI-EDI. This aims to improve employee engagement, as well as company branding.

BDP Batch 5 with Aris Metin

After all our groups had excitedly (and nervously) presented our ALPs, the anticipation for the graduation and, hopefully, the implementation of our proposed projects in the future, begins. Cheers to BDP Batch 5!

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About the author:

Arriz works as a recruitment consultant in the Professional Staffers division of John Clements Consultants. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Psychology in De La Salle University, where she currently takes her Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Her exposure to the diverse culture and environment of John Clements taught her how to effectively work with people from different backgrounds and walks of life.