Be like Facebook, not BlackBerry: How ‘disruptors’ can succeed

“Entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas need business-minded counterparts to ensure success, Prof. Ranjay Gulati said Monday, as startups around the world aspire to become the next Facebook.”

Harvard Business School Professor Ranjay Gulati was in Manila last July 10, 2017 to head the conference Re-imagining Leadership in the Age of Disruption, presented by John Clements Consultants, Inc. with co-presentor Unionbank, in partnership with Harvard Business Publishing, Harvard Business School Club of the Philippines, and Harvard Club of the Philippines, and with media partners ANC and Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Join us for the second leg of the conference and experience a rare learning opportunity, discussing cases on the international political economy, with world-class Harvard Business School Professor Richard H. K. Vietor in an exciting, highly-engaging and thought-provoking classroom environment in Manila!

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