Changes in Candidates’ Behavior: Its Impact on Recruitment

By KC Costales

As recruitment continuously evolves, so does the behavior of candidates. Previous methods or models of recruitment are slowly becoming outdated or even obsolete. In my opinion, these changes in how candidates behave have been influenced by advances in technology, faster recruitment processing, salary gaps, and information shared on social media. I would like to share my thoughts on how these developments have affected their present — and will possibly affect their future — behavior.


This impacts recruitment both positively and negatively. Positively, since candidates go through the recruitment process more conveniently, to the point that sometimes candidates get hired even without going to the employer’s office. Negatively, since candidates expect the same process when they apply in other companies. This experience or knowledge has changed the expectations of candidates in going through a recruitment process, wherein candidates increasingly prefer online interviews or online testing instead of going directly to the office to undergo the process.

Faster recruitment processing

One-day employment processing, especially in the BPO sector, has also influenced candidates’ behavior. This has greatly increased the expectations of the candidates for a faster turn-around time with their application, and in some cases, this has contributed to a rise in no-shows. Gone are the days where candidates patiently waited for months before being hired. This challenges recruitment professionals as they need to create a larger pipeline, even towards the end of the process, to address candidate fall out.

Salary gap

This has become a bigger and more common issue for candidates lately. Unlike before, where salary is treated confidentially — even candidates are normally hesitant to discuss it — now it is the exact opposite. One reason is the apparent gap between industries, or even within the same industry. Recruitment professionals encounter more experienced and qualified applicants getting a lower salary and other candidates getting a much higher rate.

This results in many candidates showing more interest in the salary before showing any interest in the actual job itself. Companies need to adjust to be able to hire the right talent for their organization. One of the most common feedback from candidates is “I don’t want to waste your time nor my time if the salary is not within my expectation”. Another important thing to note is that candidates nowadays do their own research. They expect the same salary based from what they have heard and researched about.

Information shared on social media

Social media, which has influenced us in so many ways, is also being used as an avenue for sourcing candidates. It is also a source for applicants to know about the company that they are applying for. Candidates do research before they apply or show interest in a company. Companies should be more aware of the feedback they get on social media.

As recruitment professionals, these changes can be challenging at times, but it is crucial for us to understand what the candidates expect these days, in order to keep up with these changes.

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About the author:

KC Costales is a managing consultant for John Clements Consultants, Inc.