How Technology Drives Certain Efficiencies in Talent Sourcing

Written by Dennis Pabelico

Last March 30, 2017, the Human Capital Resources Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines held its meeting, with Matt Allanson, sales leader of LinkedIn Talent Solutions — Asia, as guest speaker.

Matt shared how today’s technology affects the future of HR and recruiting. He mentioned that LinkedIn’s global membership is currently at 467 million and is growing at the rate of three members per second. The Philippines, with over four million members, returns the highest revenue when compared to its counterparts in Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. In short, LinkedIn considers the Philippines as their number one market.

In the HR and recruitment business, talent is the top priority; however, acquisition and retention should be importantly considered, too. Matt then briefly explained the evolution of HR. In the 1930s, it was all about processing, administrative functions, and terms and conditions. The 1980s, it has become more functional in nature — recruiting, compensation and benefits, and training. The 1990s was all about strategy, alignment, and mission.

Today, the path of acquisition has changed; the style of retention has also changed. The use of big data has already become a norm and the likes of Kalibrr, PayrollHero, Expensify,, and Coursera are being used as instruments to simplify processes. Moreover, by providing flexible benefit structures and learning programs, retention rates can be addressed and improved — though based on studies, the reason why 80 percent of millennials leave their jobs is poor leadership.

Lastly, Matt mentioned that the integration of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is just around the corner. That said, repetitive tasks and processes could already be given to machines. It is just about time for the human workforce to develop new skills and become more productive in this ever-changing world of HR.

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About the author:

Dennis is on his fifth year as a business development consultant at John Clements Consultants, where he previously worked as the Naga City site head for five years. He also has a 15-year experience in pharmaceutical sales from Abbott Laboratories and a four-year experience in branch banking operations from PCI Bank.