How to Engage Candidates Using Mobile Recruiting

By Hazel Tolentino

One of the recent webinars that I joined discussed the Mobile Centric Process and leveraging Mobile Technology. This interested me because it spoke about enticing, engaging, and converting candidates. A tremendous increase in cellphone and smart phone usage has created an enormous audience of potential job-seekers to address.

Mark de Rugeris, COO of Assessment Innovation, said that 60 to 70% of new hires are passive candidates. They explore a new job opportunity because they were presented with a process that made them instantly engaged. Applicants want immediate gratification when they connect with a job advertisement and get timely feedback because they feel valued. Candidates do their own research using their mobile devices by visiting a company’s career page while commuting, during coffee breaks, and at home after work.

Research published by the Philippine Market Trends show that in 2016, 40% of smartphone owners spent over 5 hours per day on their phone, and 88% of the total mobile internet population was under 35 years old. Adapting to mobile technology allows a recruiter to reach more candidates across all industries. Some of the benefits of mobile recruitment include better branding as an innovative company, ability to reach a wider talent pool, convenience in applying via mobile, engagement of more tech-savvy talent, and a faster candidate response time.

Mark mentioned three key elements to any mobile recruiting strategy: first is Branding, which is increasing your company’s reach across all industries and targeting candidates. Second is Engagement, which consists of having the candidates go through and finish the entire recruitment process. Lastly, Process. A seamless and engaging one. Mobile recruiting is the first contact to job candidates. Creating a workflow that provides a great user experience will result in a higher conversion rate. With mobile recruitment, we can retire from the long, tedious, and redundant application process.

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About the author:

Hazel Tolentino is a senior supervising recruitment consultant for John Clements Consultants, Inc.