#IndieMalilimutangGabi by Francesca dela Cruz

“Filipinos love music.”

This is something I always hear and read, yet believe is an understatement. We don’t just love music; we live and breathe music. It is deep within our culture and DNA. Whether KPop, OPM or other genres, music, as a whole, surely has a home here in our country. With the disruptive technology and ever-rising popularity of social media, listening to our favorite music, discovering new artists, or even making yourself known become so much easier. This gives way to an increase in recognition of OPM independent bands and artists without the help of record labels. Technology and social media become platforms for indie bands/artists to share their talent and music to everyone they can reach. Their talent, authenticity, and artistry mixed with relatable topics like love, lost, pain, and family win the hearts of many.

To celebrate this milestone of our music industry, John Clements and EDI Staffbuilders held the 6th Annual Battle of the Bands and OctoberFest with the theme of #IndieMalilimutangGabi last October 26, 2018. This is the night when John Clements and EDI employees unleash their inner musicians.

Four bands fought for this year’s title. Each band performed a total of three songs consisting of an indie song, a rap song and a song of their choice. Here is a selection of songs the bands performed: first up was Amazing Grace from Professional Staffers, who sang the heart-wrenching song “Sana” by independent artist I Belong to the Zoo.

They were then followed by BandaRITA of Staffbuilders Asia, who gave their hopeless romantic version of “Sa Ngalan ng Pagibig” by December Avenue.

Third on the list was VI of Hearts who made us swoon with their rendition of the song “Mundo” by 70’s-inspired indie band IV of Spades.

Lastly was the Kampon ni Mario band from Executive Search and Selection Division who broke our hearts by singing “Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw” by December Avenue.

Our guest band and judge was the upcoming and talented indie band The Rage Dream. They gave us a glimpse of their own style and workmanship by serenading us with their own songs entitled “Dyan”, “Wag Emilia” and “Oh My Gosh”. Indeed, OPM is alive again.

In the end, BandaRita won first place, while VI of Hearts came in second with only a difference of 0.5 in ratings. It was a night full of music, fun and booze. Employees sang their hearts out while having a good time with their colleagues and bottles of beer. It was indeed an #IndieMalilimutangGabi way to end the week.

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About the author:

Better known to her colleagues as Chesca, she is passionate about animal welfare. Someday, she dreams of living permanently in New Zealand or work in Africa for a wildlife foundation.