John Clements Consultants Inc. Celebrates the Beginning of the Holiday Season with the Children of Chosen Children Village

Written by Charise B. Alinsoot

In the Filipino culture, the first of September marks the beginning of what we call “Ber Months”, our four-month-long Christmas season. Not getting into the holiday spirit is almost impossible since Christmas carols would be played over the radio all day and Christmas decorations would go on sale in malls. During this time, people would begin their seasonal preparations by unpacking Christmas decorations and shopping for gifts, but for the employees of John Clements, there was no better way to spread the spirit of Christmas through the tradition of charity.

On September 1, 2018, John Clements Consultants held its annual Corporate Social Responsibility activity at the Chosen Children Village (CCV) in Silang, Cavite. Early in the morning, employee volunteers gathered and boarded the bus at the back of LKG Tower in Makati and arrived at Chosen Children Village at 9:00 AM.

The day began with a tour around the village led by the kind and accommodating staff. Divided into two groups, we explored the four-hectare facility. Chosen Children Village houses a chapel, a school, a clinic, and therapy centers, but most importantly, it serves as home to more than 70 children with special needs and disabilities. Unlike any other foundation, the vision of Chosen Children Village Foundation was to provide the children with a home-like environment with a family setting. This was noticeably true as, along with the volunteer staff of the foundation, orphaned children, who were physically and mentally capable, also helped with everyday tasks. As we walked around CCV, we were greeted by those children as they swept fallen leaves off the ground and took their handicapped peers on a stroll around the playground. It was heartwarming to see the children feed, clean, and take care of their friends. Many of the children grew up in Chosen Children Village and had known each other since they were very young. Children address their caretakers as “Mama” and “Papa” and the love and care they have for their brothers and sisters in the foundation was very evident.

Aside from donating food, clothing, and hygiene products, we were able to share our time, talent, and love by actively participating in the activities. Not only did we experience feeding the children, we also prepared a program filled with games, as well as energetic performances by representatives from both John Clements and the children. The quality facilities and cheerful staff were highly commendable, but what made CCV truly beautiful was the purity and innocence of the children. The kids were excited yet well-behaved during the games and dance numbers — some even gave away their prizes to those who were either too shy or couldn’t participate in the games.

It was an unforgettable experience to spend a day with the children of Chosen Children Village. We arrived with the intention of delivering gifts of food, clothing, and toiletries to those who are in need, but we left having received something far more precious from the children and volunteers of Chosen Children Village — the gift of hope, love, and joy.

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About the author:

Charise is a Behavioral Sciences graduate from De La Salle University. As a comic book enthusiast and adventure seeker, she has a fascination for all things uncommon and exciting. When she is not at her office desk, you can find her in a coffee shop, watching TED Talks or reading lifestyle articles online.