Moving Forward: JCCI-EDI 2nd Town Hall Meeting

Written by Josienne Claire Cordova

Last June 15, 2017, employees of John Clements Consultants and EDI Staffbuilders International gathered at the Makati Sports Club for the 2nd Town Hall Meeting. This new quarterly tradition, which started in March of this year, is a venue for management and all employees to connect and address any concerns that they may have. With everyone in attendance, it’s a great opportunity to touch base on what’s happening within the organization and where it’s headed.

The town hall meeting was a welcome break from daily routines so everyone took time out of their busy schedules to participate in this insightful activity. Excited and curious, everyone looked forward to the event with the hopes of having their questions answered and getting to know more about the company’s future plans.

At the start of the event, graduates of the recently concluded Breakthrough Development Program and What’s on Your Mind: #Discover and Develop the Millennial in You were recognized. Special awards were also given to those who excelled in their respective programs.

The management committee then proceeded with the meeting proper by sharing important updates and announcements with the group. A wide range of topics, from work culture to the future plans of the company, were covered. Everyone submitted their questions anonymously, either through an online form days before the event or through Slido during the event itself. Concerns were addressed and exciting news was shared that afternoon, too. Before the event ended, the management committed to look into the employees’ suggestions and get back to them with updates come next town hall meeting.

It’s not everyday that employees are given an opportunity to ask questions straight to their bosses and receive feedback right away. The town hall meeting encouraged a better and more open relationship between employees and management since it allowed everyone to be more vocal about their thoughts and feelings in a formal and organized manner.

As a new employee and a young professional at that, it was comforting for me to see that John Clements attends to the needs of its employees and makes sure that their issues are resolved. Nothing is more discouraging for an employee than being in a company that does not bother to know what’s on their minds. During the town hall meeting, everyone had a voice, regardless of position. It didn’t matter whether you were a new hire or a tenured employee; when you have something on your mind, you can bring it up for everyone to discuss.

Overall, the 2nd Town Hall Meeting seemed to have had a positive effect on everyone. So much is in store for John Clements and EDI Staffbuilders and with everyone’s thoughts and feedback taken into consideration, there will surely be an exciting future ahead.

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About the author:

Josienne is an HR Associate at John Clements Consultants. She graduated with a degree in Psychology from De La Salle University. She aspires for a career that will allow her to make a difference in the lives of the people she meets, in any way that she can.