National Finance Summit: The Paradigm of Divergent Leadership

Written by by Eva Bergmanova

On January 7, 2017, John Clements was part of the 8th National Finance Summit organized by the Junior Confederation of Finance Associations (JCFAP). As the mother organization to all finance organizations, JCFAP has always supported its committed member schools. They nurture the goals of future finance professionals in the country.

Held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, the main theme of the summit was “The Paradigm of Divergent Leadership”. The goal was to impart the idea that to be a competent finance leader, one should have the knowledge and characteristics to make a difference. The National Convention sets the demands of a leader — credibility, global thinking, integrity, and inclusiveness — affirming the success of future finance executives.

More than 5,500 finance students and 5 inspirational speakers in total gathered together for this event. The main parts of the program were “The Problem Solver & Innovator: Doing it the Finance Way”, “The Global Thinker: Molding Millennials in the Finance Industry”, “Creating the Leader in You”, “Finding the Right Leaders: The Impact of Political Leadership in the Philippine Economy”, and “Achieving Success Through Team Leadership & Development”.

The speakers were Eduardo V. Francisco (President of BDO Capital), Carol Dominguez (President and CEO of John Clements Consultants), Francis Kong (Inspirational speaker, Founder of Funworks, Inc. and Inspire Leadership Consultancy), Anthony Abad (President & CEO of TradeAdvisors) and Ana Maria Bongato (motivational speaker, success coach & trainer).

Carol Dominguez shared a very inspirational speech about Millennials in the finance industry in which she shared her own experience when she was that age, comparing it with all the opportunities which millennials have today. It was very hard to engage all 5,500 people in the room, but Carol and all the other speakers did a great job at interacting with them — I am sure that participants of the summit gained valuable insights.

The event was certainly inspiring, and thanks to the great speech of Carol and our colleagues from PS who were there the whole day in the John Clements booth, I think it was also a great branding opportunity for our company.

Note: In case you are interested in the topic “Millennials in the Workplace”, I recommend you to watch this video with Simon Sinek: