The Board Directors You Need for a Digital Transformation

by Tuck Rickards and Rhys Grossman

Boards have a vital role to play in digital transformation. Early role descriptions for digital directors were focused on reacting to immediate disruption, where companies sought executives with experience running digital pure-play organizations, who would bring tech savvy and a millennial mindset. However, over the past 5 years, four categories of leaders have emerged in the board room: 1) digital thinkers, who conceptually understands the digital environment, but are not digital natives, 2) digital disruptors, who have experience with pure-play companies, but generally have less management breadth, 3) digital leaders, who have less hands-on digital experience but have managed disruption as a general manager, and 4) digital transformers, who have led or participated in a transformation of a traditional business. Increasingly, people are being selected from the fourth category. Rather than placing an emphasis on disruptive forces, boards are increasingly seeking directors who bring operational capabilities and who can guide the re-engineering of the entire organization. (Read the full article)