Those 14 Seconds Matter

by Bianca Cuatico

14 seconds. That’s the average time it takes for a person to decide whether what you write is worth continuing reading or if they should move on to something else. For writers or those in marketing, how to grab readers’ attention is something they always think about. To them, those 14 seconds can make or break their work.

Not really known to most, this is also a common concern for us recruiters. You wouldn’t think so if you weren’t one. But trust me, it’s true. The common misconception, being that companies just put out a job ad and then candidates flock to apply, is false. With the growing competition to hire the best, recruiters are constantly searching for ways to find “The One” who fits the qualifications. Recruiters have to think not just as a recruiter; they also have to think as marketer.

To answer this concern, we here in John Clements Consultants decided to up our recruiting game, starting with the most basic and crucial part when it comes to recruiting: Sourcing. Last June 30, 2017 we started this recruiting level-up plan with a Creative Writing workshop. Our speaker and facilitator for the activity was Ms. Grace Alcid, a former John Clements employee. As someone who enjoys learning new things, this was something I was excited about.

A good story starts with a good beginning”, something Ms. Alcid said during the workshop. Getting a reader hooked in 20 words or less is necessary when you want to get their attention. It’s the same principle when it comes to job ads.

How can I get the attention of my target audience?”, that was the main question during the workshop. Throughout the afternoon we were showed various job ads and how they were different from one another, as well as how each grabbed people’s attention. Small activities were also included, such as flashing a photo and coming up with catchy and witty titles on the spot. As a final activity, we had a hand in trying to make a plain and boring job ad into an exciting and interesting one instead.

The willingness to learn and grow, as well as the openness to opinions and constructive criticism throughout the afternoon was the ideal environment for learning. It didn’t matter whether a person was an experienced writer or someone who has never written anything before; everyone started as a beginner at some point.

Change is inevitable; you have to adapt if you want to survive. As recruiters, we have to constantly adapt and change ways on how we can get quality candidates if we want the company to progress. This is something that we take seriously in John Clements Consultants.

About the author:

Bianca is a Senior Recruiter in John Clements Consultants. She graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in Behavioral Science Major in Organizational and Social Systems Development. She constantly seeks to expand her knowledge and experience in various fields to ensure she has continuous growth.