Top 9 Leadership Behaviors that Drive Employee Commitment

by Dr. Joe Folkman

Joe Folkman identifies 9 essential leadership behaviors that have the greatest impact on employee satisfaction and commitment, especially during turbulent times.

During times of economic trouble, it is common to see layoffs, furloughs, pay cuts, and budget reduction. Morale is often low among the employees who are fortunate enough to retain their jobs. Productivity suffers, as well as employee satisfaction with their jobs and organization. Some lose hope, and many lose faith in the traditional model of capitalism. It’s times like these that many executives and management personnel find a place to hide until the storm blows over, avoiding dealing with profit losses and confrontations with employees. However, if leaders do just the opposite and focus on their own leadership effectiveness, employee satisfaction and commitment can be increased, there-by increasing productivity and profitability even in difficult times. (Read on)


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