Unsolicited Career Advice Ateneans Will Ignore

by Oliver Segovia

Photo credit: Marty Ilagan

By now, you might have seen the infamous post about an Atenean’s ranting about his/her less than favorable job prospects.

Actual quote: “We’re more worried about the fact that Ateneo is a top university, so why aren’t its graduates getting snapped up like lechon at a fiesta?”

Maybe because everyone knows lechon isn’t always good for you?

It’s an open secret among entrepreneur friends that the typical Atenean fresh grad — by temperament and skill set — is woefully ill-suited to startup jobs.

This leads us to concoct non-standard interview questions to tease out clues for entitlement and a poor attitude — questions such as: “How did you find your way to our office?” (Commute? Driver?), “What’s the best gift Daddy ever gave you?” (A Prada bag?), or “Run this pivot table to filter out subs in this segment and create a Facebook custom audience out of the results” (Less than 5% get it). (Read the full article)

About the author:

Oliver is the founder and CEO of AVA Online Group, an e-commerce startup building the next generation of online brands for Asia and beyond. Its first product is AVA.PH, a curated online boutique for premium brands and experiences.

He also co-founded Metroheart Properties, a boutique real estate company that is currently developing a budget hotel in the Makati business district. He is also a board director at the Rotary Club of Makati and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Harvard Business School Club of the Philippines.

Oliver holds an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School where he was awarded the LeBarron-MacArthur-Ellis Fellowship. He co-authored “Passion & Purpose: Stories from the Best & Brightest Young Business Leaders“, becoming the first Filipino writer to be published by Harvard Business Review Press, and among the youngest authors in the publisher’s stable. The book was positively reviewed by the Financial Times and Washington Post, among others, and was selected to the 2012 JP Morgan Summer Reading List.

He graduated with honors from the Ateneo de Manila University, where he was an Asian debating champion and founding editor of the Ateneo Student Business Review. In 2005, he won 1st prize in the World Bank International Essay Competition for his work on an educational social venture.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Oliver is passionate about emerging markets, innovation, entrepreneurship, and brand building.