Your Customers Still Want to Talk to a Human Being

by Gregg Johnson

Most businesses now communicate with their customers through multiple online channels, and invest in software to track, personalize, and optimize every step of the consumer’s digital journey. As brands prioritize this digital experience, they often overlook a simple fact: communicating by voice is faster, easier, and more effective than typing messages back and forth. A consumer may prefer to make plans with friends over text message, or to order a pizza online, but when faced with a complex purchase, these preferences often change. When making a significant purchase decision, most consumers want to talk to a qualified human expert. As mobile phones proliferate, voice communication needs to become a business priority. Businesses are missing out on potential revenue by burying phone numbers, making it impossible to speak to a human, or delivering a frustrating experience when consumers do connect. Even the most sophisticated marketing campaigns can fail if they neglect phone calls and voice experiences, especially as brands invest more advertising dollars into digital channels. (Read the full article)