A Philosophy Echo Chamber

Cartoon by Ron Morgan.

“Virtual Philosopher” Nigel Warburton said in an interview:

“A lot of professional philosophers lack the imagination required to think about what it’s like not to understand something. Some have got into a complacent habit of speaking to each other in a kind of technical language, which is almost at times the avoidance of doing philosophy. They’re part of a culture of people who always say the same things and make the same moves: just making finer and finer discriminations between whether they’re a particular kind of materialist or a particular kind of functionalist. People stake out little claims. When faced with the need to explain what they’re doing and why it should be of interest to anyone at all outside of that culture, many flounder.

This is all too common. The difference between education and sophistication is that the education system rewards parroting (mechanical repetition) at the expense of independent thought (accommodation).

There are far more people who have learned to read books and repeat answers to “teachers”, than there are people who have grown emotionally and intellectually from these exercises.