It’s been a while since I’ve spent time with Kierkegaard, but I do not recall him desiring to take…
joey convertino

Admittedly I am reacquainting myself with Søren Kierkegaard and am not “debate-prepped”. I am, figuratively speaking, looking at my hand-scribbled CliffsNotes as I’m jotting down thoughts on one of my Philosophical “heroes”.

While I am no “Kierkegaard authority”, every text I’ve read by him (which is a lot) and every text I’ve read about him (which is also some thousand pages) confirms Kierkegaard’s devotion to God.

Concerning my William McDonald quotes on Kierkegaard, the full article — in context — is available at Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Ergo: It’s too early for me to strongly debate/confirm whether my final interpretation of facts is that Kierkegaard was a “friend or foe” of Christendom / Christianity.

On my journey of discovery / recollection, I will abstain from rock logic.