Ian Lucey
Ian Lucey
Jul 3, 2017 · 3 min read

If you have a good idea that you want to pursue and try turn into a profitable company, you need to be looking for funding and support. There are many accelerators and incubators spread all over the world which regularly host events, so go get involved. Here is our 10 deadlines for July:

Turbopump Market Entry program

For whom: Finnish startups ready to scale.

Turbopump is Microsoft’s unique nine week market entry program for startups that are ready for some big-time scaling. Turbopump will match you with clients and investors and help locate the best spots around Europe for your startup.

Deadline: July 2nd


Starter Studio Accelerator

For whom: idea-stage teams in Central Florida that are developing an innovative technology and business opportunity.

Starter Studio is an accelerator program for technology related startups in the earliest stages of development. They stand out among other accelerator programs. As a non-profit, Starter Studio takes absolutely no equity in the companies that enter the program.

Deadline: July 3rd


Vertical Accelerator Program

For whom: Startups that have already have achieved some traction and that are now looking to scale operations and seek additional funding.

Based in San Fransisco, BootUP are looking to help startups scale up and to invest funding. There are three types of startup acceleration programmes at BootUP; Customised, General and Vertical Accelerators.

Deadline: July 6th


EIE.London Summer ’17 accelerator program

For whom: great individuals who are open-minded and care about what they’re doing and are ready to pivot or do anything to make their businesses successful.

The London campus of the European Institute for Entrepreneurship (EIE) accelerator is an 8-week programme which aims to help you shape your startup to create valuable solution for the right customers and get you on a path to grow profitably. EIE charge a fixed fee rather than taking equity.

Deadline: July 7th


Sport Social Business Lab 2017

For whom: 1st Incubator for former athletes with powerful Impact Projects

The #SportSBLab is the leading incubator worldwide dedicated to both former athletes willing to become successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs launching innovative businesses in the sports industry. Based in Paris.

Deadline: July 9th


London Midland Labs-Accelerator

For whom: Startups that aim to reinvent the future of transport for everyone.

LM Labs’ aim is to work with a number of innovative tech startups in the mobility space across an 12 week period (followed by an additional three months of incubation support/free office space) providing them with the expert mentoring and support. You’ll also receive the support of 383 Project, an award-winning digital experience studio who have worked with the likes of Hilton Worldwide, Jaguar Land Rover and British Gas.

Deadline: July 14th


Lisbon Challenge 17' Edition

For whom: Startups

Lisbon Challenge is a pre-seed accelerator based in Lisbon that funds 10K for 1.5% equity, to help startups build and launch their product in 10 weeks.

Deadline: July 15th



For whom: Connected Hardware Startups

Brinc, which is based in Hong Kong, invests in founders from around the globe in the early stages of building connected hardware businesses. Brinc takes 3% equity of businesses it invests in. Their 3-month programme is designed for hardware founders to establish critical early stage validation and traction with functional prototypes.

Deadline: July 16th


Up Innovation Lab

For whom: Startups that operate in B2B or B2B2C, and already has your product validated.

Up Innovation Lab is based in São Paulo, Brazil. It was created by Accenture to connect startups and large companies in the country, the program lasts for nine months. The initiative is equity-free. They usually take on 10 startups a year.

Deadline: July 19th


Start Alliance Berlin

For whom: Start-ups who have completed the ideas and prototypes phase with their product and/or service & are already successful in the local markets.

This two-week event takes place in December 2017 and is organised by the Start Alliance Berlin. It is intended to help startups from around the globe expand their business to Berlin and get in touch with the local startup ecosystem.

Deadline: July 21st


The Lucey Fund

Helping startups happen | A venture technology firm based in Dublin

Ian Lucey

Written by

Ian Lucey

Helping startups happen

The Lucey Fund

Helping startups happen | A venture technology firm based in Dublin

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