Cool co-working spaces and where to find them: the Netherlands

Number 3 on our list of ‘cool co-working spaces and where to find them’ brings us to Building Business in Amsterdam.

B. offers one of the best environments for your company to grow. Their co- working space offers a place in B. for innovators who wish to be part of the B. community but who are not looking for an office as of yet.

This can range from someone who only needs a Flexdesk for one day a week to someone who is looking for a full time commitment, but wants the flexibility of moving around in our different common areas. They offer different types of desks suitable for every need.

If your company grows and you are in need of more space, they will grow with you. They accommodate everything you need in order to thrive. ‘’When you rent a desk in our co-working space you become a member of the B. community and get access to everything B. has to offer’’. Enjoy their fresh, daily lunch, break a sweat in their gym, attend their events, be part of their online community and meet with new co-workers every day.

As of right now they are operating out of two different premises; B.1 and B.2 with a third premises, B.3 set to open later this year along with B. New York.


The distinctive black cube on the Johan Huizingalaan was originally built as IBM’s typewriter factory / headquarters in Amsterdam. After IBM left its premises, founders Guus, Ricardo and Bas decided to take action. The office building, presented an opportunity to do things differently. Today, it is the lively centre of B. where innovators meet.

B.1 houses 350 pioneering companies, rooftop restaurant Bureau, a rooftop park, coffee lounges and a cinema and gym.


The second building opened just a couple minutes walk from B.1. This building has the same concept as B.1 but with a different focus. B.2 provides a home like always, to start-ups and corporate’s, but now with the focus on innovative companies within the Internet of Things; HR Technology, creative and FinTech industries.

B. Amsterdam offers unique and creative workspaces and everything a growing business needs to get going.

At B.2 there are photo/film studios, creative agencies, Letitgrow incubator, HR Tech incubator and the B. Start-up School Amsterdam. ‘’The entrance hall is a double levelled collaborative meeting place where start- and scale-ups, corporate;s and entrepreneurs can come together, can connect and can share their energy and ideas’’.

In the lounge theyserve coffee and lunch, a daily dish in the evening, meeting units in container format and a buzzing environment.


They are opening another 12.000m2 by creating a new future for the characteristic “Flight deck” building. With their third location, the next step with the B. campus is going to make an even bigger place for start-ups, scale-ups, corporate innovators and servicing companies to come together and grow their business.

B. Amsterdam provides creative work spaces and everything a growing business needs. B. is a known meeting point for entrepreneurs, investors, government, and companies.

The B. campus will now have a total of 40.000m2, will attract over 500.000 visitors yearly and will become the biggest ‘incubator’ of Europe. B.3 is set to open later this year.

B. New York.

Within the next few months, B. opens its American Flagship complex in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York City.

It will be the first official international incubator in New York. B. New York will support European companies that want to expand to the United States.
 It will provide a soft landing for international startups wanting to enter the American market. At the moment it can take a few years, and a lot of money, to move a business to the America. European startups making the move to the US with B., can grow faster, easier and can save you more money.

We offer the right spaces, tools and social environment for start-ups and scale-ups all in one building. B. New York provides the ingredients to let your business thrive, from exploring business opportunities to connecting with (corporate) clients and investors.

So what you can see from B. Amsterdam, they are constantly expanding and offering more and more to the people. It has made them the ‘go-to’ co-working space in Amsterdam and because of this success they now have an opportunity to expand into the North American market. This is just the tip of the ice berg for them. The sky is the limit.

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