Cool Co-Working Spaces and where to find them: GALWAY, Ireland

From Sydney to Georgia to Montreal, we have quite literally gone all the way around the world in this series. Now we are finally heading back closer to home. Specifically to the PorterShed in the city of Galway, situated on the west coast of Ireland.

PorterShed is the ultimate mashup of entrepreneurs, startups, growth companies, educational institutions, the Galway Chamber, state agencies and local government
Photo Credit: David Ruffles

Their goal is to ‘’create an innovation ecosystem, one that creates a synergistic relationship between people, companies, and place, that facilitates idea generation, open learning, collaboration and accelerates commercialization’’

For a number of years there was recurring theme in Galway. The recurring theme was, a lack of a downtown innovation hub for incoming and indigenous startups. The PorterShed was set up to address these needs.

There are two membership options available to you if you are looking for a workspace where you can work from in your own free time.

1. Full-Time Member — €220 per month (excl. VAT)

For this you are granted 24/7 access to the PorterShed, you will be guaranteed a desk to work at and you will have zero overheads while having access to their fibre broadband. Their conference rooms and event space will be free of charge to use, there are is free tea/coffee available on premises and free parking on site.

2. Hot Desk Rental — €30 per day (excl. VAT)

You will be granted access from 9am till late, have zero overheads while having access to their fibre broadband, will receive discounts on the conference rooms and event space for bookings and will also have access to the free tea and coffee.

The full time member option is extremely good value for money. If you were just to work weekdays for example, it works out at €11 per day while receiving access to a lot more.

PorterShed allows entrepreneurs to use collaborative spaces, co-working spaces, mingle with other entrepreneurs and have efficient access to everything from insights into the latest technology to legal and financial advice. Rather than endure long commutes and daily congestion, residents of PorterShed can choose to work and live in places that are connected, walkable, bike-able and connected by technology.
Photo Credit: David Ruffles

You can check out a list of all their upcoming events here. One that caught our attention is the LEO Galway BREXIT Seminar on the 14th of June, with CEO from InterTradeIreland Thomas Hunter McGowan presenting, ‘InterTradeIreland — get your business BREXIT ready’. You can register for that event here.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with all news and upcoming events.