Cool Co-Working Spaces and where to find them: Montreal, CANADA

Stepping away from Europe again, we have come to North America. Specifically, Montreal in east Canada, where we find The Crew Collective.

The Crew Collective headquarters, is located in the former Royal Bank on St-Jacques Street in Old Montreal. Here you will find office space for a tech startup, and a co-working space and Café open to the public.

Nearly every single one of these co-working spaces that I have blogged about have been designed in the image of a hip tech startup. It is almost refreshing to see a co-working space created in a glamorous, grown-up, modern working space that did not think to include beanbag chairs, pool tables, or rooftop bars during it’s creation.

‘’By embracing the opulence and old-world elegance of the historic bank, Cleinge has integrated office space, conference rooms, work stations, and other necessities while preserving the original character of the 1926 building’’- Kristin Hohenadel

The new design doesn’t dominate, allowing the original building to shine through at the forefront. The building’s existing attributes included, ‘an inlay marble floor, an ornate painted plaster ceiling, and custom suspended brass light fixtures and teller stands’.

A series of glass walls were created to become transparent and translucent borders between various office spaces. The original teller stands created a border between the café and conference rooms, which in turn created a separation between the more public spaces and the office space for permanent workers

It is very reminiscent of a pub that is located here in Dublin. The Bank Pub on College Green. It too has been built right into the remaining structure of an old Banking Hall, while rambling downstairs to other areas of the pub you will discover the old vaults in which you will discover that these areas are now the location of the bathrooms!

There are just two membership options available;

1. Air Desk

This is there more flexible membership, with options to become a member for 1–3 months ($300), 3–12 months ($275) and 12+ months ($250).

Air Desk comes with a shared work and meeting space only.

2. Premium

This comes with a designated workspace, where the membership options are 1–6 months ($500), 6–12 months ($475) and 12+ months ($450)

Premium comes with private meeting areas and a concierge service.

If you want a list of all the amenities available you can check them all out here

There are more options available if you would like to book in groups of 2 or more which you can see here.

Regardless of what membership that you select, all members will be granted access to their 1GB Wifi Network, will be able to host and attend curated events, will receive a discount at the Crew Café and will have 24/7 access to the premises.

If you want to go down and have a look yourself you can check out all their upcoming events. One worth noting is their 1 year anniversary coming up on May 2nd.

Fascinated by the architecture of the workspace? You can also follow them on Instagram or want to keep up to date with news and upcoming events. Subscribe to their newsletter and check them out on Facebook.