Cool Co-Working Spaces and where to find them: Washington D.C.

Staying in America for our next one, we now journey to the country’s capital, where we find In3. Opened just this week, In3 is the District of Columbia’s first community space focused on inclusion, innovation and incubation. This incubator is committed to creating a collaborative environment where under-resourced members have access to the space and services needed to build or grow a successful business.

Credit: WingateHughes Architects

‘’In3 will improve the business landscape in the District by providing members with the right tools and access to financial, technical and professional resources’’.

In3 includes a mix of open floor seating, event space, private offices for individuals or small teams and convertible conference rooms and classrooms. It has a very different layout in comparison to lets say, Atx Factory in Austin, which has a strong focus on areas for chilling out and which offers bar facilities, or Vereloft in Tbilisi, Georgia which has a gaming room. In3 is strongly focused on work and work only.

They also offer a wide range of different membership options which can easily cater to your needs.

1/ Drop-In: $40

Limited access to any available seat in theirlounge and desk space

· Conference room use

· Access to printing

· Access to private booth for phone calls

· Office hours with In3 mentors

· Locker for Rent**

· Wifi

2/ Open Desk: $300/Month

Open Desk membership offers all of the same perks as Drop-In but instead of limited access to any available seat, you will be granted unlimited access to any available seat in their lounge and desk space.

3/ Dedicated Desk: $400/Month

‘Your own dedicated, personal desk space’

For an extra $100, you will be offered all of these extras on top of the perks available to you with the Open-Desk membership

· Locker (no charge)**

· Permanent desk

· Mail handling

· Host private events

4/ Private Office: $600/Month

‘Private office space for 3 or up to 4+ individuals’

The Private Office membership offers all of the perks the Dedicated Desk membership offers but with complete and utter privacy. Is it worth an extra $200 a month? To some people privacy and quietness might help production and focus. Split between 4 people it would only come to $150 a month so it is good value for money.

Credit: WingateHughes Architects

They even offer a ‘Nights and Weekends’ membership if that would interest you. More information on that can be found here on their website.

Only opened on Monday the 17th of April, you would imagine that there is a lot happening at In3 and you would be right. There are events on every day this week in what they are calling their ‘Week of Welcome’, finishing this Sunday the 23rd. Here is a link of all the events on this week.

Their contact information and address can be found on their website if you want to stop by and check it out! They aren’t even a week old yet so follow them on Twitter and Facebook!