Lucey Road Trip

We recently took a little road trip up to Drogheda to visit the Mill Enterprise Hub and Dundalk’s Regional Development Centre. Some big multinationals have set up their home in the North East region such as PayPal and Ebay. The establishment of PayPal and Ebay in Dundalk has been great for the locals with an expected 1,850 people employed by 2018. Both of these company’s have created jobs within there own walls but they are also having a spin off effect creating more jobs around the community. Not only is the region booming with multinationals the startup scene is also having its success. Aphix Software located in Drogheda and founded in 2012 has recently won the Tech Startup of the Year Award at the 2015 Tech Excellence Awards. Aphix software provides real time stock, pricing and account information as well as real time ordering allowing for a unified online ordering system which incorporates existing order processing procedures.

Ian and I set off early in the morning to get to our first talk in the Regional Development Centre stopping on the way to collect some fresh Donuts and croissants. We arrived at the center for 10AM to kick start our first talk of the day. Ian began his talk on Startup Growth Hacks while his audience of keen startups tucked into the sweet treats. Starting off with the 20 growth hacks Ian then moved on to his favorite topic — tax! Usually when people hear that Ian is talking about tax there can be a look of disinterest, but by the time Ian is finished speaking they were sitting on the edge of their seats wanting to know more. A big thank you to Aiden Browne and Garrett Duffy for arranging such a great event.

After Ian’s talk he was greeted with lots of questions and interested founders. We set back on the road to head back down towards Dublin taking a detour to the Mill in Drogheda. Once we arrived in Drogheda Brenndann Casey showed us around the new property. It a very cool spot with the best of everything!

Just after 1PM Ian began talking about what he knows best. Just like earlier in the day the audience was left intrigued, filled with a new bank of knowledge and wanting to know more. All of the startups present had questions about the Lucey Fund: what we do, and how we could help them.

Both of the events went great, with Ian receiving nothing but good feedback. Huge thank you for both centers having us there it was a great day out of the office.

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