Open Letter To the Members of The Luke Hand’s Advisory Board

The Luke Hand’s advisory board members are (left to right) Maria Giudice, Lynelle Cameron, Maurice Conti, Shalom Ormsby (founder), Teg Grenager, Andreas Bastian, Adam Arabian (top) and Scott Summit.

There’s a wicked problem affecting millions of people throughout the world who have amputations and limb differences: For the most part, prosthetics suck. Adoption rates are low. Rejection rates are high. Functionality is low. For devices that offer even very limited functionality, prices are astronomical. And the most sophisticated devices, such as DARPA’s MPL, are totally out of reach for ordinary people.

We’re here to imagine, design, and create a life-changing solution for people with hand amputations. A bionic hand with the functionality of a human hand. Built for a four year old within four years. And an open, global, open source framework for the entire project — hardware, software, firmware, everything.

Our objective isn’t to build these devices ourselves (although some of us are indeed helping with this). Today, we’re here to apply our collective brainpower and resources to define the best possible path to success for The Luke Hand, to have the greatest possible positive impact in the world.

As the father of a beautiful little boy with a hand amputation, I am ALL IN. I’m ready to move mountains, if that’s what’s needed. And there’s no one in the world I am unwilling to talk with about this, to pitch, and to ask for help. I started by asking each of you, and that went amazingly well. So I’m sharpening my delivery of The Luke Hand’s purpose and expanding my ask. And in this whole process, I feel empowered by a force that’s so much greater than myself.

But all the passion and determination in the world isn’t enough. I need each of you. Your intelligence. Your ideas. Your guidance. I’m insanely inspired and deeply humbled by the talents that each of you has. And I’m honored to receive the generous gift of the most precious thing you can give: your time.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support, your guidance, and your invaluable contributions to the cause of open source bionics development. Now let’s do this!


Shalom Ormsby