Requiem for the Dark Days

(Image taken with my iPhone)

It’s looking a little shinier now 
as the days of my dark years 
slowly dissolve into ashes 
bit by bit.

Let whiter days gently emerge 
into an astounding triumph. 
The years of tears and mourning 
gradually dimming 
into a forgotten psalm. 
My skin still playing host 
to my faded lacrimosa. 
Gradually overshadowed by 
the sound of victorious trumpets.

This torment shall be suffocated 
as I claw my way out of this darkened cave 
majestically arising 
like the perfect movie scene. 
Eternal light, shine on me. 
Trickled thoughts gathered by their throne 
an army arisen 
gleaming in their defeat 
of my persistent shadows.

Let the dark days tremble in fear 
as they await their eternal rest.