Feature: How Movember became more data-driven to communicate all year round

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Dec 3, 2019 · 2 min read

Feature: How Movember became more data-driven to communicate all year round

In the month of November naturally, the call out to grow a ‘mo and help prevent male suicide for Movember is top of mind. But how does a not-for-profit like the Movember Foundation harness its data to create a strategy for better personalisation, targeting and all-year round messaging? And, most importantly, how can it do this in a cost-effective way?

Chief fundraising and development officer at Movember Foundation, Charlotte Webb, realised a few years ago the organisation needed to leverage technology, like CRM and marketing automation, in order to drive a better fundraising experience, year round. Enter The Lumery, which has been working closely with Movember to help it become more data-driven.

“We realised we needed to get Movember on this journey, and start moving towards a more d ata-driven approach and start driving towards leveraging all this new technology,” Webb explained to CMO.

The partnership has been running for more than two years. As Rajan Kumar, co-founder and managing director of The Lumery, explained, it has seen the agency supporting Movember across various aspects of its data strategy moving forward.

“We’re supporting the customer journey and mapping work, to helping the team understand available data about supporters and the differences between all different kind of groups of people it’s interacting with, and helping identify how to prioritise initiatives and tactics in a world where you could do lots of stuff,” he said. “But also how do you really go about making sure you make sense of the things that you need to focus on first?”

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This story was also featured in a two-part live broadcast on TickerTV, presented by SkyNews Melbourne Bureau Chief Ahron Young.

Originally published at http://www.thelumery.com on December 3, 2019.

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