Amendments excerpt: On the third bell toll

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The Lumin church bell rang one time and Noir realized his heart was in his throat with nervousness. If the bell only tolled once, the attack was a bust and they would stealthfully abort. The moment between bell tolls felt like an eternity, but finally it came. One of the guards looked toward the sound and questioned, “Two o-clock already? I didn’t hear the — ”

The bell rang out a third time and Noir sprang to action. He channeled lux to solidify the air around the two men’s arms and leaped from the shadows. They both looked down in confusion and pulled at their invisible restraints. “What is going on?”

Noir was upon them before they saw him approach. He weaved to the side and brought the butt of his sword down on one of the Tierian soldier’s heads. The blow threw him forward and he went to the ground limply. His arms were held in the air awkwardly from the air restraints.

The other guard saw what happened and started yelling, “We’re under attack! Help!” Similar cries were starting to erupt from all over the city, however. Noir raised his sword to strike with the hilt, but suddenly he was knocked to the ground. Another guard saw what happened and had jumped down on top of Noir from the stairs. The man whipped out his sword and Noir barely had time to roll away from the attack.

Noir sprang to his feet and raised his own sword. He readied a light barrier as the guard charged forward and thrust with his weapon. As Noir had planned, the man was startled by his attack rebounding. Noir crouched low and slashed his sword up into the man’s chest as he stumbled over him. His sword rang against the man’s breastplate, but caught him in the thigh. The man rolled to the ground screaming and clutching his wound. Noir solidified the air around the man’s sword and pulled it roughly from his hand.

“What’s going on?” the man cried out from the ground. His eyes were full of fear and hatred.

“The revolution has come, Tierian,” Noir replied and solidified the man’s body with lux. Then Noir kicked the man in the head. He immediately went limp.

Noir turned to the other soldier whose arms were still held in place. The cries of pain, triumph, and sounds of battle grew louder around Noir, though he could see little of it from the alley between the wall and buildings. Noir walked toward the other man who returned his gaze with absolute terror. “Sir Luxin! Please!” he called with a shrill voice. “I don’t want to fight. I am from Garmak myself!”

“You are a soldier of Tier!”

“Only because I had to! I have a wife and son in town! Please!” Noir stopped. There was genuine fear and pleading in the man’s words. “If you truly are revolting, I will help! I don’t want my son to grow up like I did. I want a free Tier too!”

Noir wasn’t sure what to do. The man could be lying, but he should be an award-winning actor if he was. “If you’re telling the truth, swear to me you will fight for the rebellion.”

“I will!” Noir released the hold on the man’s arms. He fell to the ground and rubbed them.

Noir saw a green blur on top of the wall streak by. He didn’t have time to deal with this man any longer. “Take off your Tierian armor and defend these stairs from any other soldiers who come.”

The man nodded furiously. “Yes! I will!”

Noir ran to the stairs but turned back before he climbed them. The soldier was already pulling off pieces of his Tierian soldier armor. “If you fight for us, you will be among heroes. You will be making Tier beautiful again. If not, you will be cut down.”

The man nodded in response and Noir ran up the stairs two at a time.

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