Free excerpt from Amendments, book 2 of The Lumin Prophecies

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Finally, the full height of the first behemoth strode over the lip of the valley and started down toward the stream and the men. Every time a massive metal foot fell against the earth, a low rumble could be felt and heard through the valley. The herd of straghs neared the stream and finally picked up some speed, pulling ahead of the behemoths slightly. It was as though their thirst for human fluids pulled them mindlessly forward despite their orders to guard the behemoths.

“Archers, be ready!” Grandel called in both directions. “Fire when they are slowed by the water!” He could tell his voice was dampened by the snowfall, but others nearby repeated the order down the lines of soldiers.

Grandel watched the first straghs bound into the water and start to slowly pull their pale, horrifying bodies through the current. The first arrows started to fly and dozens of straghs fell limply or flailed in the water. More stepped down into the water as the remaining first wave of straghs stepped up and out of the deep water and started clawing their way toward the men on the shore. Spears and swords flashed and cut into the pale flesh of the creatures. Blood turned the small amount of snow that had started to accumulate a dark red.

Suddenly, the battlefield erupted in explosions. The straghs were, indeed, the special new kind. Explosions of fire vaporized stream water immediately and threw bursts of orange light across the battlefield. Great pillars of earth surged upward out of the water which threw boulders toward men and stragh alike. Grandel saw a couple boulders bounce off Adeel’s light barriers. This sent them in the direction of the straghs instead of toward the men. Spikes of ice erupted out of straghs’ bodies and they became small, strange, floating icebergs where they froze the water around their corpses.

The foremost of the behemoths was nearing the water and loomed over the men. Grandel cried out the order, “Fall back and target the straghs around the behemoth’s feet!” Grandel found Luxin Adeel and Ash nearby. “Ash, throw a fireball at the straghs in front of the behemoth!”

The man looked very hesitant, but stood and held out both of his hands. Grandel followed his own order and started to retreat, but watched the fireball grow in front of Ash’s hands. It curled around itself and built into a giant, flaming ball of fire. Adeel yelled beside Ash, “Now push it away, Ash! Push hard with din!” The man yelled furiously and flung his hands forward. The fireball streaked over the stream and exploded into the straghs in front of the behemoth. After a moment, more secondary explosions happened as the straghs’ enchants triggered and drained the chakra from their bodies. Two straghs exploded next to the behemoth’s leg sending fire curling up the massive metal and flesh creature. Several more straghs exploded with din harmlessly nearby, but one sent ice spikes piercing through the stragh bodies that stretched across the massive beast. The ice formed around the creature’s leg and held it in place. Slowly, with horrible grinding sounds, the beast tripped over its frozen leg and collapsed into the edge of the stream.

Grandel and other soldiers nearby cried out in triumph. Grandel ran to Ash who looked bewildered at the scene before him and clasped the man on his shoulder. “Excellent, Ash! Very well done! Do you feel tired from that?”

Ash blinked and looked at Grandel. “Maybe a little.”

“Do you think you can do that a few more times, my friend?”

“I will try.”

Grandel pushed on the man’s shoulder to turn him from the scene. “Good! Now retreat!”

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