Free excerpt from The Year of the Lumin, book 1 of the Lumin Prophecies

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“Master Syeter, this one is a wanted man. By the order of the Azurite — “

Steven cut him off, “By the order nothing. This boy is my nephew. If he needs interrogating, we are well equipped. And I guarantee you he means us no harm.”

The knights exchanged frustrated glances as if they were trying to decide what to do. Steven spoke again, “There is nothing more to discuss. Back to your posts.” While keeping his gaze on the knights, Steven motioned Noir and Asiada inside the main hall.

The knights did not move as Noir and Asiada walked past and into the huge room. Just before the giant doors closed behind them, Noir heard one of the Azurite Knights say, “Better go tell the captain.”

When the massive doors were shut, Steven walked toward Noir and said, “They get a little overzealous with that armor we craft for them.” He waved the back of his hand through the air to dismiss the topic. “How are you, kiddo?” His attitude seemed like he was glad to see Noir, but oddly not surprised.

“I’m alright. I was afraid I would never see you again.” They finally reached each other and Steven gave Noir a warm, fatherly hug. “So what happened… you know, since I last saw you.”

Steven laughed. “What hasn’t happened would be quicker to answer. But first, who is this?” He motioned to Asiada who was staring open-mouthed at the giant blue dragon laying in the center of the room.

“This is Asiada from the city. She just came with me to help me find my friend Ratt.”

“And just what did you two do to get on such bad terms with our Azurite Knights?”

“Nothing. We think they took Ratt because they thought he was me. Because they think I’m the Lumin.”

Steven put his fingers on his chin and rubbed it. “Interesting.” He paused, and then put a finger in the air. “About that. I want you to meet someone.” Steven turned around and walked toward the sye circle. In Noir’s head he heard Steven say, “I am linking you both to Jotunar and to myself.” He paused. “Jotunar. This is Noir, my nephew that I showed you before.”

A voice came to Noir’s mind, though the dragon did not stir. The voice was gravely like Fafnir’s, though Jotunar’s was much deeper and rounder. “He is the one you mentioned; yes, I remember. My child, it is urgent that I scan your memories. I must have all the information possible to determine something of grave importance.”

Noir thought, “That is fine. But what is it about?” Communicating with other presences in his mind felt unreal.

Steven’s mentally projected voice responded, “Like my letter said, we believe you or Aimee may be the Lumin. There are certain prophesied events and abilities that we must look for from your memory that will help us to know for sure.”

Noir felt apprehensive. The last time his mind was scanned with sye, it was not pleasant. “Go ahead, I guess.”

In an instant, Noir felt his mind oppressed upon and forced to play through his memories. It was similar to when the scarred man had performed this process, though the dragon did it hundreds of times faster and more delicately. Within moments, the dragon had skipped through his childhood up to the moment he found the cave. All the happenings of the last few months went by without his control. The process slowed and repeated itself a few times at certain memories such as the cave, his first meeting with Fafnir, his first encounter with the scarred man in his dream, and then his battle with the scarred man in real life. Within minutes, the memories played up to the present and stopped.

Noir’s mind remained silent for a few moments. Then, Jotunar’s voice rumbled in his head, “We must find your cousin, Aimee.”

Startled, Noir asked, “Why?”

“You are not the Lumin. Therefore, she must be.”

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