Greg Hardy to Join MMA?

After quite a backlash for his recent off the field incidents, it seems Hardy has gained some interest in joining the mixed martial arts (MMA), as his football career is currently on standby.

In the short professional football career of Greg Hardy, he played on both the Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys. Besides being a solid defensive lineman, he is most notarized for his domestic abuse issues that had transpired almost 3 years ago, which ultimately put him on the NFL commissioner’s exempt list for the 2014 season. This case and suspension lingered in to the first quarter of the next season.

Anybody with a history of violence towards women or children, especially being a professional athlete, is looked in the light of being an aggressively, “out of control” person. This is why it worries me. MMA is the ultimate fighting platform, and these respected fighters are held to the standard of understanding that they are legally a weapon when outside of MMA. This doesn’t help Hardy’s case much of proving to the people that his domestic abuse case was an “out of character” moment. Congratulations Greg Hardy, you played yourself.

Hardy doesn’t have known history of MMA fighting, but is very optimistic about his opportunity in persuing it.

“I’m very focused and excited to start my MMA career,” says Hardy to

It is reported that there are multiple signing opportunities out there for Hardy. Why? I am not sure but will continue to watch from a distance.