False Prophets on the Pendulum Swing

JCole addresses Kanye West ON NEW SONG

If you had the chance to lash out on your boss with no fear of retribution, would you? Let’s be honest, a lot of us fear the thought of getting fired, being out of employment, and ultimately becoming homeless.

It’s no secret that Kanye has been facing his share of issues since the death of his mother 9 years ago. Kanye has always been “just Kanye” to the public up to the Sway in the Morning Interview with his infamous “You ain’t got the answer” rant. It was the moment that took hiphop by storm and the pendulum started to swing for both, the Hip Hop culture and Kanye West. It’s understandable considering Sway is one of the more likable and respected journalits in the game and to see him get disrespected is unacceptable to many.

Kanye’s 2013 interview with Sway in the Morning

As he started gaining notoriety for his antics, I started to lean the other way from most hiphop fans, and got to understand the anger filled Kanye. Every isolated incident comes off as insane but with everything accumulated, it just made sense to me. And for context, I was always the one “hater” of Kanye because I always disagreed with his way of going about matters.

J.Cole recently dropped a record addressing the late issues of Kanye West and his current state of mind. The first verse of Cole’s “False Prophets” record is dedicated to Ye.

He’s falling apart, but we deny it..Justifying the half ass shit he drop, we always buy it.. When he tell us he a genius, but it’s clearer lately..It’s been hard for him to look into the mirror lately…”

This quote of the first verse resonated with many fans which is why it had become so big. I felt this way for years myself. It now represents only part of me.

What we are witnessing is a battle that most of us go through on a daily basis. It’s the good old fashioned tug of war between morals/values vs greed/lust; The constant battle of complacency vs persistency; A fight between passion/sensitivity vs numbness to all. An interesting aspect of each of those labels is you can’t tell which is Kanye, and which is Cole. It’s about perspective.

J.Cole has been the likeable character for much of his career. He’s stayed out of the tabloids, tapped into the social consiousness part of our minds that many tend to run away from, and best of all, he’s come up in the rap game “the right way.” You know; Come up on mixtapes and freestyles, grow a small fan base, and after anticipation is built, drop an album with 1 or 2 hit singles and take over the game.

J.Cole represents the safe route. The way that won’t get you in much trouble, but to a fault because you fail to reach a high ceiling.

Kanye West, for the later half of his career, has been the outspoken Black man. He’s always spoke his mind despite how others felt; Always was under the bright lights for crazy looking outfits, crazy sounding songs, or crazy acting women. Kanye, who was once a fan favorite, has fell right into the image of America’s worst nightmare.

Many who come across this behavior (via media) are often turned off, and ultimately dismiss it as crazy or insane, but never quite dig much deeper than that. Why should you? You got your own life to live anyway.

As a journalist however, perspective is everything. So I’ll ask this again. If you had the chance to lash out on your boss with no fear of retribution, would you?

Yes! Twice if I could.

We (fans) are asking a man on stage to shut up and just stick to making music. Now imagine if you did lash out at your boss; Besides “You’re fired” what do you think he wants you to do?

We’re becoming the very person we’ve grown to hate (our bosses). Regardless if you agree with his statements or not, Kanye is doing exactly everything most of us wish we could do and that is speak freely about a subject we are passionate about.

I, myself, like many had many passionate moments in which people around couldn’t quite grasp the concept of, which understandably gets frustrating. Now, imagine that over and over again. On top of that, people start labeling you. You get called it enough, you will eventually become it. We’ve seen it throughout history in our conditioning.

Cole, representing many of us made interesting use of his time last Friday. Although I did think the verse was flawless in the sense of the perspective he was speaking from, I do believe he could’ve done better than to stir controversy. Kind of ironic for the man who shies way from the bright lights choosing to release a letter to ‘Ye while hospitalized, understanding the reaction he would get.

Regardless the 9th can’t come fast enough. J. Cole’s 4th studio album, 4 Your Eyes Only, drops December 9th.

Get well Kanye!

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