NBA a Reflection of Reality?

Jimmy Butler (Right) and Paul George (Left) seeking new opportunities in this offseason

The biggest complaints amongst Gen X and beyond about millennials is often the sense of entitlement and lack of passion for anything in life. Whether you are a millennial who likes to multi-task, or a millennial who is big on procrastinating; The lack of structure, passion, and any type of purpose of existence irks those who have came before us.

We currently live in a generation where beating your kids is frowned upon; Police Brutality cases are at an all time high with the evolution media and progression of cell phones; And students are testing the teachers’ patience with verbiage that has no place in a school environment. These are all cases in which youth has lessened the respect level for authority, whether deservingly or not. However, it all ties in together with the day and age we live and grow in.

Just a few months ago, everybody was up in arms with Phil Jackson’s comments this year on Lebron James, as well as his previous statements regarding Lebron being an entitled athlete. It is simply a clash of generations.

Everyday this league is getting closer and closer to getting their players the proper paycheck for their actual worth. Although $8 million a year may sound ideal for the common folk, it’s not as appealing when the franchise that you bring money in for is making billions off of TV deals.

It’s only a few days until the draft, and big names like Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Kyle Lowry, and many more have openly expressed their interest for leaving their respective franchises.

Paul George, being the forefront of all trade talks, has went as far as openly telling the public that he is leaving at the end of his current contract and leaning towards LA. This essentially puts the franchise in a corner where they are forced to trade him now, so that they can get some assets in return, as opposed to just letting him walk for free.

This is a situation in which a child is threatening to call child services on their parent to avoid being disciplined. Well, maybe not exactly; But it does show the needy and less passionate side of these players. Prematurely, these athletes of today are willing to join forces with other stars rather than attempted to outlast them in a head to head fight.

We’ve seen it happen this past season with the Golden State Warriors and 3 seasons ago with the Cleveland Caveliers. With Paul George and Jimmy Butler looking for a new team, expect Cleveland or Los Angeles to capitalize off of one of them to form a new superteam.

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