Prodigy Dies at Age 42

Mobb Deep (Havoc Left and Prodigy Right)

Rap artist and entrepreneur, Prodigy, of Mobb Deep was announced dead today, June 20th, 20017. Without much information disclosed, sources say that he died from sickle cell, which is a blood disorder that is commonly inherited.

It was brought to the attention of the masses via Nas’ Instagram post, captioned “QB RIP King P. Prodigy 4 Ever.”

Nas’ praises and remembers the late Queens legend, Prodigy of Mobb Deep

The Queensbridge legend was most known for his work with Havoc, forming the group Mobb Deep. The album, “The Infamous” and single “Shook Ones pt II” along with many others, stamped his name in the hip hop history book forever.

Of course, there is a bigger question in hand, like why are 1 of every 12 African Americans on average, carrying a sickle cell gene?

But today, let’s just remember the late great Prodigy by pulling up your Apple music, Spotify, Tidal, or whatever streaming service you have and throwing on “The Infamous.”

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