“Still Brazy” Review “YYYYYYYYG….Whats Brackin Jizzle”

Might be my favorite line, from the “Good Times Interlude,” of the whole 17 song album. What can I say? YG delivers once again a West Coast masterpiece that can be put along side of some of the great projects amongst legends. I’m talking Snoop, Game, Ice Cube, Too Short, Tupac, or whoever your cup of tea is. YG is right there with them.

Now, I saw this wave coming a little bit before low tide. I saw what Kendrick, Schoolboy, and Nipsey was bringing to the table already. Kendrick and Schoolboy has certainly put out there share of great albums, and cult classics for sure. YG is slightly different and is in a league of his own in this generations. When you think of that iconic, classic west coast style and sound, YG delivers that down to the T. From the lingo, to his clothes, to his beats, it has west coast written all over it.

Other than 50 cent, I haven’t seen a more non-lyrical artist put out such genius sounding, substance filled, project.

From “Police Get Away With Murder” to “FDT” to “Blacks and Browns” he takes his stance on social issues in America, in regards to racial indifferences. in “Blacks and Browns” he spits one verse and focuses directly on inner city issues, from black people killing each other to the root of that issue, which is systemic racism. “They f*ckin up our mental, keeping us lazy, so we can’t be successful black people. We need to, come together, f*ck they system, tired of being a victim…”

“FDT,” which stands for “F*ck Donald Trump,” he….well, he expresses his ill will towards this years GOP’S representative. As much as him and Nip discuss their hatred towards Trump, Y.G even states how much he admired his business savvy prior to this race. Now, his perception is a bit different.

He has a couple songs that I call “feel me” tracks. One of them is “Word is Bond” and the other is “Gimmie Got Shot.” Both of which give you that feeling where you relate to everything he is saying. “Word is Bond” is exactly what it sounds like. He’s speaks on how valuable his word is and how important it is to stick by it. “Gimmie Got Shot” talking about that person everybody knows who only comes around when they need something. Yeah…exactly. Great track and concept.

The rest are all great ride-to tracks. “Twist My fingaz,” “Why you always hating’” and “Bool, Balm, and Collective” are all songs simply to just vibe to on your drive to a party, your girls crib, or just out n’ about.

All in all, I give this album a 5/5. The fact that its best songs aren’t even the ones with Drake or Lil Wayne tells me about the caliber artist Y.G is. He is a true artist who stands on his own and does not try to sound or emulate the next man. He’s 2/2 so far on albums released. Let’s see what else he has in stock.

Originally published at www.thelt.net on August 5, 2016.

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