The ‘C’ Word — And How It Has Changed For Me

So I don’t want to offend anyone here. The ‘C’ word is one I will only use in appropriate circumstances, and the timing is everything. I have vowed to all the Gods that I will not make mention of it til the first day of November hits, but then it is open season.

‘Cos I bloody love Christmas!!!

Noel, Xmas, or ‘the Christmas’ as we like to call it in Ireland, is my favourite time of year. As soon as Halloween is done and dusted and packed off back to the States, my little mind begins to whir with exciting Christmassy conundrums. What meat will we burn this year? Where can we place the tree that my one year old can’t imbibe the baubles? What nibbles shall we pretend to stock up on in the weekly shop but actually end up eating and have to buy twice? How many more strings of LED lighting can I sneak in to the house before my husband divorces me? What booze will we start to buy in in large quantities? (purely for visitors of course!)

Years ago, in my crazy selfish youth, Christmas to me was a string of sparkly outfits and nights out on the town, maximising one’s holidays to get the longest possible stretch off work, overly extravagant gifts to myself, and dipping in and out of the family circle for a good feed. Somewhere along the way, I gained a family and some common sense! Nowadays, my Christmas focus, like many other parents, tends to be;

what do we get the kids this year??

And thus starts the annual sift through the Argos catalogue. I begin to listen out for the one toy that gets an unwavering mention in my three year old’s endless ‘list’, completely ignoring those extortionate random lumps of crappy plastic shaped like supermarket items (we all know the ones I mean!!!). TV becomes our advent calendar with ads counting down the days of the silly season. For adults, it starts with the obnoxious, nonsensical perfume ads. For kids, it’s the roll out of the next wave of bloody Frozen merchandise! I mean seriously, what is left to stick Anna and Elsa’s face on at this stage??? These women have more notoriety than the Kardashian’s! And also, how many more scenarios does Barbie need to get herself in to? Give the poor woman a break! She’s been teetering on her tiptoes and pulling in her stomach since 1959, she must be exhausted by now!!

The endless line of pap getting wheeled out by toy companies these days is craaaaazy! But I remember wanting certain toys for Christmas soooo badly I thought I would die if I didn’t get them. What kind of loser would I be without a lo-lo ball to bounce on? How could I face Becky in the playground Monday morning without Sunshine Bear in my life?? I’m giving away my age here……I digress….

In our house it’s one pressie from us and one from Santa. And I feel that this is plenty for two smallies or it can start to stack up to a ridiculous pile of stuff, and like Mummy with one too many holiday gins, everything topples in to a messy heap on the floor and the meaning of it all gets lost. So this year my eldest will also pick out one or two of her toys to pass on to charity (she doesn’t know this yet, God help me!)

The ‘C’ word has a very different meaning these days, but I love it just the same. And I hope I don’t cause offence when I say;