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Letter sent on Jun 9, 2017

The Seven Deadly Reads

Me Time? Molly is having none of it. It’s a marketing term designed to flog over-worked, over-wrought parents over-priced escapes, says Molly.

And judging by the reaction we had this week, she’s not the only one who’s had enough of the spin.


Calling Bullshit On…Me Time

Me Time, I believe, is a phrase coined up to sell luxury packages & things to tired, emotionally drained parents.

My So-Called Fake Birth

Did you have a natural birth? If there is one question since my children were born that continues to irk me and sometimes I will admit upsets me every time I hear it it’s this.

Why I’m Never In The Photos

There is not one photo of me

My Man & I — Before And After Kids

Before kids we led a carefree existence. It’s all changed since.

Swimming Lessons Turn Parents Into Zombie Slaves

So here were are, another Friday. The Zombie Mom Apocalypse is here…

Living Without…My Husband

It is another Sunday afternoon and that feeling of dread is setting in.

How I Coped With My Baby’s Silent Reflux

It has taken me six months since Joseph got over his silent reflux and colic for me to write this post.

Stay sane, thanks for peeking at this in your inbox and hope to share with you next week.



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