This Tiredness Is Really Starting To Piss Me Off

I don’t think I need to tell any parent about tiredness. We’re bored of being warned about it by exhausted parent-friends before we even have kids.

Then we’re pissed off with well-meaning folk asking us all manner of questions related to sleep after a baby arrives. We get it. Babies sleep in cycles of only a couple of hours. They wake up during the night. Many of them take years to settle into a routine…blah blah blah. WE ALL KNOW THIS!

Sorry. I’m cranky. Because I’m tired.

But I have a new beef with tiredness. I have realised that it gets in the way of everything.

Maybe I’m stating the obvious but I thought I had a hold of it now. People told me that once the baby started going to bed at a reasonable hour that I’d be amazed at how having a couple of hours to myself in the evenings would be a lifeline.

But it’s not, because I’M TOO TIRED!

I sit down to read a paper and get through four lines before I start to drift. I try to catch up on all the brilliant telly I’ve missed, and within minutes, my head is lolling. I check emails, but my brain misses massive chunks of important information. I try to work, but then read it back the next day and it looks like I gave a pencil to a baboon. My sister offers to babysit, I get out for dinner with a few pals, and by 8.30, I pray there will be a fire in the kitchen and the restaurant will be evacuated because I’m so damn tired.

My husband and I went away on a frankly magnificent three night break a couple of weeks ago. My parents took the baby, we planned dinners, walks, DVDs and cocktails, but by about 9pm every night my eyelids felt like someone had attached fishing weights to them. Even when I embrace it, go to bed at 9pm to read, I manage half a page and am awoken four hours later by a cry on the baby monitor with a book stuck to my face.

Tiredness thwarts everything.

I have a girls’ night away fast approaching which I am disproportionately excited about. And the best thing about it is that it will be populated by all mums (bar one, but she’s very empathetic!). Even though we are all determined to have a drink or two and enjoy our child-free time away, there is also the unspoken understanding that if someone wants a nap rather than another gin, there will be no judgement and no one will roll their eyes and remind you how dull you are. Of course we hold out hope that we’ll stay out till 3, but then sometime around midnight, someone will remember that we’ve had twenty years of staying out til 3 and oh wouldn’t it be lovely to be fresh for breakfast?

Damn you, tiredness.

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