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Letter sent on Feb 24, 2017

Your Seven Deadly Reads

Storm Doris battered us this week but that’s ok because bad weather gives us an excuse to dip into our picks of the week so here’s our Seven Deadly reads from The M Word, wrapped up and ready to enjoy!

The Five Great Expectations Of Maternity Leave

I had some pretty big plans for my maternity leave…

How Can I Tell Him I’m Lonely? A Mum’s Heartbreaking Confession

I’m lonely. Nobody told me I’d be lonely. You can’t tell people that.

Calling Bullshit On…Special Children Are Only Sent To Special Parents

People mean well when they reassure you that ‘special children are only sent to special parents’.

Getting Ready For A Night Out In 1999 Was So Much Easier

It’s the highlight of my week, Saturday night movie night.

Are Mothers The New Cyber-Bullies?

When I fell pregnant, I was overjoyed to be finally part of the club. So happy, I just wanted to share the whole experience with other mums.

27 Things I’ve Learned About Parenting (Including Crusts)

By no means exhaustive, yet.

Can We Admit That Some Kids Are Assholes?

Since having a baby, there is no denying that I have become more of a ‘baby person’.

Stay sane, thanks for peeking at this in your inbox and hope to share with you next week.



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