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Letter sent on May 12, 2017

Your Seven Deadly Reads

They say comparison is the thief of joy. And if that’s the case, then Facebook not only steals joy but comes round and beats you up afterwards.

This week, Jolene Cox is Calling Bullshit on Facebook.

And rightly so.


Calling Bullshit On…Facebook

In my teenage years, we didn’t have Facebook, we didn’t even have the internet for that matter

I Was Broken — And I Needed Help

A few weeks ago I had my first counselling session.

The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Mother

I don’t want to go all semi-serious on you all, but there’s something I wanted to bring up now that we’re all pals and you won’t think I’m a friendless loser….Being a Mum can be incredibly lonely.

The ‘Problem’ With Having An Only Child

I thought I was finally done with the unsolicited questions at this stage in my life

Living With…An Alcoholic Parent

Living with an alcoholic as a child has had a profound effect on my life as an adult.

Calling Bullshit…On Soothers

Dodies, soothers, pacifiers, dummies. They have many names and take on many forms, not unlike the devil

Why You Won’t Sleep After Giving Birth

‘Now, don’t let them kick you out of that hospital bed until you’re ready to go home.’

Stay sane, thanks for peeking at this in your inbox and hope to share with you next week.



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