Maître Updates #1

In the last couple of weeks we have been working really hard on improving Maître. Most of the new features implemented come from your feedback. Thanks for being such awesome users :)

Anti-spam email system

One of the most requested features was an anti-spam system to detect fraudulent emails. This is particularly important for a tool that rewards people for signing up their friends.

We have added several layers of security:
- Disposable domains. All known disposable domains have been blocked. Of course new ones come out every day, but we will keep this checked all the time.
- Aliases. Emails can’t be an alias. This might be a problem for some people, but it’s the only way to prevent people from using an infinite number of aliases and get to the top to the list effortlessly.
- Domain verification. Last but not least, we verify that the domain actually exists. So if a user tries to sign up using a fake email (eg:, he/she won’t be able to sign up.

Custom confirmation email

We want you to customise Maître as much as possible and make it unique. This is why now you can customise the confirmation email we send out to users. You can customise the body, the colour & the label of the button, the “From” name and more.

To customise your confirmation email, navigate to Advanced Settings > Confirmation email.


Speaking of customisation, we wanted to give everyone the ability to change Maître look & feel with one click. We have created 6 different templates that you can choose from. Whatever your style is, we got you covered:

Basic, Flat & Futuristic templates
Material Design, Minimalist & Stylish templates

You can find templates under Look & Feel > Templates.

Custom sources on the fly & test mode

Going a bit more into technical details, we have added a couple of features that will make developers a bit happier :)

First of all we have upgraded one the most beloved features of Maître: sources. Now you can create sources on the fly, by adding a property to the Maître object “source”. Check the documentation for more info. This will allow you to segment your subscribers in real time based on your own logic. And because we love you so much, we now also send Source as a merge tag to MailChimp so that you can send more targeted emails!

Last but not least, we have added a “test” mode so you can test your widget, without sending any data to your server or mess up your live stats. Just add the property “test_mode: true” as explained in the documentation. Ask your developer to take a look at it, he will love it ;)

That’s it for this update, till the next one!

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