Gun Control, democratic?

For about a decade, one of the hottest and most controversial topics in the United States revolves around gun control. We’ve all heard both sides of the debate, Republicans adamantly fight for their 2nd Amendment right and argue, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Meanwhile, the more liberal Democrats, favor stricter gun control laws, rationalizing that there are hundreds of homicides a year, that could’ve been prevented with stricter laws. Both sides make valid arguments but in our modern society, are gun control laws democratic?

The Bill of Rights was created in order to protect individual’s liberties so that they could not be infringed upon by the government. Back in 1791, there was no police force to protect citizens against crime and Englishmen were expected to know how to use a gun in case they were ever called to battle. Back then, the right to bear arms was a perfectly reasonable civil liberty for a common-man. Therefore, is it democratic to have the basic rights we were guaranteed over 200 years ago, removed? Technically, it’s not. Such issue has been heavily debated in the U.S., but only between the most elitist of our country, politicians. Laws and amendments have been made in every state and adopted into their legislation, but such a controversial and divisive issue has never been voted upon by the common people. The 99% of citizens such laws affect the most. Democracy entails that the power of government, is vested upon the people. But when citizens are not granted the right to vote on such a crucial controversy, democracy no longer lies in the hands of the people.

Some argue gun control laws are absolutely necessary in order to protect innocent people. While others say limiting such right is a violation of the liberties every human was inherently born with. The real underlying issue on such topic isn’t what side is right or wrong, the real issue is that it is not being approached in a democratic manner and those outside interest groups that don’t have any influence on politicians, aren’t voicing their opinion.