Halloween Message from Beyond the Grave

Short story based on a 13 Days of DaRk & WeIrD Challenge prompt by Daphelba DeBeauvoir.

Image from pixabay (CC0)

Dear Robert, my love,

I wish it was just me. But it’s mostly you that’s keeping me here. I always knew you loved this place. The broad stretches of water that you like to watch on a hazy morning, just after dawn. The forests you can never get lost in, because of the smell, you claim. The fire roads going for miles to bring you to places you’ve already been.

It’s not that I don’t like it here. I love the sunset as it just goes over the roof and the house seems to be alight. The children trick-or-treating on Halloween while they laugh and jump around as if there is nothing wrong with the world. The ducks swimming in the pond until they fly south to warmer places.

But I wouldn’t mind leaving now.

It’s been ten years since I died.

Please let me go.

~ Margareth

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