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The Mad River

The Forgetful Rabbit

bizarro flash fiction with shredded carrot sprinkles

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

The problem with being a forgetful rabbit is you’d forget your ears if they weren’t sewn on. And this is just what happens to Mr J P Bunnykins one morning, when he looks in the hallway mirror, before leaving for work.

He twitches his nose as he adjusts his hat, something doesn’t look quite right, so he fiddles with his tie, shakes his tiny…



The Mad River is a literary journal of the strange, the faerie, the insane, the experimental and occasionally snarky. Poetry, writing, stories, and flash fiction brought by the river from the deepest part of the forest. Let water, words, and madness flow.

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Peculiar Julia

Writer of poetry, prose, & the occasional rant. I feed the monsters under my bed story cake & poem pastries. What do you feed them?