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The Magic Pantry

Twin Peaks

Things I’ve Noticed

Red signals the presence of Mr. C

  • Gordon doesn’t hug Diane properly — she’s wearing a red top, and seems to be communicating with Mr C.
  • The drug dealer calling the shots in town is named Red. He performs magic on Richard, who is connected to the farm and Mr C.
  • Dougie’s house has a red door. Mr C manufactured Dougie.
  • The 119 lady opposite the house Dougie and Jade use has a red balloon on the floor behind her. She might be a plant to observe Dougie, watching for his transformation.
  • A red box appears on Duncan Todd’s computer when Mr. C. wants him to send the envelope to Ike to order a hit on Dougie.
  • There’s a red rag on the farm gate when Mr. C. arrives to meet Hutch.
  • Audrey carries a red coat (and may even be wearing an owl cave ring). Mr C entered the intensive care unit to visit Audrey 25 years ago, according to Doc Hayward on Frank’s wooden desk computer.
  • That huge thing outside Dougie’s office building that looks like a structure covered with a white sheet that nobody seems to notice even though it’s blindingly obvious is covered with red balloons. Could it cover a portal? Could it be the entrance to The Dutchman’s? Could Audrey and Charlie be inside? Has Mr. C hidden it in plain sight?

We know that Mr. C created Dougie as a trap for Cooper, preventing him from completely entering the world, and allowing Mr. C to stay. He’s trying (and failing) to have Cooper-as-Dougie killed. The last resort is Hutch, who is now driving across Utah towards him, at Mr. C’s request.

Charlie is Chuck

  • Audrey and Charlie have a contract between them. Something that’s keeping Audrey bound to him. Something set up by Mr. C?
  • Charlie has a lot of paperwork and is constantly exhausted. He reminds me of the farm accountant.
  • Chuck is a shortened form of Charlie. Charlie/Chuck may be a doppelganger, with Charlie exerting some control on the outside world (as Mike does) with Chuck taking the form of someone in the world (perhaps possessing Richard). After all, Chuck stole Billy’s truck, and told Audrey that Tina was the last person to see Billy.
  • Audrey is sleeping with Billy, but that’s pretty hard to imagine (unless there’s another Billy; the cop that got sick from Mr. C’s garmonbozia after the accident was named Billy). But perhaps Audrey enters the world as another person… we haven’t met Linda, but we do know she has an electric wheelchair. Perhaps Audrey-as-Linda is sleeping with Billy?

Everyone needs to dig themselves out of the shit!

Perhaps the great storm of seven years ago is when the time loop glitches started; townsfolk have so much trouble remembering things and seem stuck in the past…

  • Sarah sits in front of a TV playing a tight loop of a boxing match.
  • Big Ed stares out of his gas farm at looping traffic and glitchy reflections.
  • Lucy doesn’t know how mobile phones work.
  • Andy thought that their clock has stopped.
  • Audrey is trapped in an old-fashioned room.
  • Nadine sits at the computer drinking an endless milkshake.
  • Jerry is lost in the woods.
  • Norma does the Double-R accounts like it’s 1991.
  • Cooper is trapped as Dougie.


  • Who was Betty? The “beautiful assistant” to Bill Hastings who would only give the co-ordinates to Ray, and who was then killed when her car exploded after being wired by Jack, who Mr. C lovingly face-crushed? She’s absent yet significant. Could it be Laura?
  • Nadine is a kind of potato. Presumably with just one eye. Like a storm. What does that even mean?
  • Frank’s wife Dorris behaves similarly to the crazy honking car lady with the vomiting zombie girl… all shouty and on the edge. And Dorris did mention to Frank that “Dwight is sick”. Could it be the vomiting zombie sickness? Or is Dwight her soldier son who committed suicide?

That’s all I’ve got.




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