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josh knapP
Oct 24, 2018 · 2 min read
A picture I took

Its not easy to walk in a straight line.

Sure, for a short distance, but after a while stuff gets in the way. Like buildings, cars, elderly people.

What if you didn’t have to stop? You know?

Say you could just keep walking, and you could go on forever. You’d walk through stuff, and oh! Yeah, you never run out of energy. Or have to poop, let’s add that too.

Where would you go?

Here? There? Everywhere? Down the stairs?

No, I don’t mean end up. I mean in between. What things would you come across?

If I continued perfectly straight right now, I’d venture through a bush prison in someone’s front yard, and see what’s hidden behind the green. I’d go through three restaurants, maybe some clothing stores down there and then an apartment complex. Scatter a few humans and trash cans here and there.

Do you think I'd find anything noteworthy?


Do you think things walk through you?

Like time for example. Or heat! Pinto beans go right in and out of me, I can tell you that for sure.

If you’re waiting for a moral, there’s definitely no moral to this story. I just want to confuse you. And muse you. Or help you muse. The first sounded kind of creepy.

The moral is this. I am now standing before one of the most peculiar trees I have ever seen. Its enormous, and up in the canopy, it looks like a huge submarine floated right through it, boaring a tunnel through its green.

Its beautiful…but sort of terrifying.

Maybe its okay to be both?

The Magnificent Kingdom

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josh knapP

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The Magnificent Kingdom

where creativity thrives

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