The Maker’s Manifesto

A collection for makers.

A Manifesto for Quality Thought

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  1. No amount of thought can change anything unless ideas are shared and acted upon. If you censor yourself, you’ll never know what impact your thoughts can have on the world.
  2. Thought is the essence of life. Do not be afraid to be alone with your thoughts. When you take time…


Is seeking a state of flow what work is really about?

There are days where several things align to provide the perfect environment for making—a…

Koasters with Kontent

You’ve got to put your drink down sometime.

I’m a maker. There I’ve said it. I’m not sure what that name implies for you, but it likely places…

A Maker Manifesto

Making as a cultural manifesto 

We are all a product of our world, and our world is full of things that people have made. Things we use, things we…

Design Over Style

I was browsing through the day’s Twitter feed, when I saw this brilliant Tweet by @schneidertobias: “[…] we need more [web] designers and less web stylists.”

I was dumbfounded. After hours of pondering the implications of Tobias’s statement, I sat down at my desk with a can of cold San Pellegrino and began writing down my interpretation in my journal.


Create your own opportunities. Kick down doors.

A few days back, Dan Eden Tweeted,

[...] when one door closes, another, garishly…
The Maker’s Manifesto
The Maker’s Manifesto

A collection for makers.

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