Space in the Eighties: Vintage EPCOT, Gerard K. O’Neill, and A Little Spark of Imagination

When EPCOT Center was brand new, Horizons was the place to be.

Image Credit: EPCOT Center/Disney

Forget the hours-long lines waiting in the hot Florida sunshine for Figment popcorn buckets: EPCOT Center during the 1980s was indisputably awesome. The original Journey Into Imagination ride, featuring Dreamfinder and his dragon Figment, will always…




Emily Carney is a writer, space enthusiast, and creator of the This Space Available space blog, published since 2010.

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Emily Carney

Emily Carney

Space historian and podcaster. Space Hipster. Named one of the Top Ten Space Influencers by the National Space Society. Co-host of Space and Things podcast.

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